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An exciting range of placement options

The Applied Professional Diploma is now included as standard with all placements!

We have developed the Applied Professional Diploma for students undertaking a sandwich placement from the academic year 2020/21 onwards.

Applied Professional Diploma

Now included as standard
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Interviews will take place in late April

Our sandwich year placements are a great way for you to develop the enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and attributes which are essential for either, running a successful business venture or in securing a great graduate job. We offer a number of 48 week sandwich year options:

Work for Yourself

Test out your own business idea or venture and take it as far as you can. We can also support you in your final year if you decide to continue with your business.

Enterprise Magazine Publishing

Be part of a small team running our online magazine (articles; photography; interviews; marketing).

Hallam Pop-up Shop Management

Be part of a small team managing the pop-up shop (bookings; running events & exhibitions; marketing).

Innovate. Create. Develop

Work as part of a team to improve people’s lives, the community or the environment.

Whatever option you choose, the enterprising skills you will develop will make you a stand out candidate to employers not to mention the confidence and business knowledge you will acquire. Whether you are running your own business, initiating projects for social good, managing the pop-up shop or the magazine, the experience will really look impressive on a CV and will be a great talking point at interviews.

Applicable to all sandwich year students

Smiling student
Emma Redfern, The Calming Club (Launched on the work for yourself sandwich year placement)

Work for Yourself

This is a 48 week self-directed placement, supported by the Hallam Enterprise Team.

You can apply as an individual, partnership or in a group of up to 5. It will give you the opportunity to kickstart your venture and test out the market.

Take your ideas as far as you want to. You don’t need a business plan prior to enrolling. 

Online Magazine

This is a 48 week self-directed placement, supported by the Hallam Enterprise Team.

This academic year saw the first team of three students pioneer The Student Aspect online magazine. This placement will give you the opportunity to shape the future of the magazine and develop it in your own way.

Key areas you will work across (in a team of up to 5): research and development; search engine optimisation; website management; writing and editing; guest writer management; social media strategy. 

Hallam Pop-Up Shop

This is a 48 week self-directed placement, supported by the Hallam Enterprise Team.

The Hallam Pop-Up Shop is located on Howard Street, opposite the main Owen Building Entrance. Each year we recruit a team of up to 5 students to manage the Hallam Pop-up Shop as their own business venture for the duration of their sandwich year placement.

As a member of the management team you will responsible for coordinating the pop-up shop bookings and the shop’s social media and marketing strategy.

You will also be tasked with planning and hosting key themed events over the course of your sandwich year placement.

Innovate. Create. Develop

This is a 48 week self-directed placement, supported by the Hallam Enterprise Team.

Do you want to tackle an issue that you are passionate about? Do you want to create change and have a positive impact on the lives of other people?

You will work in multi-disciplinary teams of up to 5 individuals to work on a variety projects that will focus on delivering a meaningful social or environmental impact on people’s lives. The projects will come under one of 4 key themes:

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Equality
  4. Environmental

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