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Manish Harijan - Fine Artist

Manish graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in 2019 and was awarded the Dianne Willocks Lifelong Learning Award in Fine Arts for his work.

Since graduation Manish has focused on developing his art work and making a name for himself by exhibiting his work in prominent UK and international art galleries.  

Manish’s work includes contemporary artwork, sculpture and prints. He also works on bespoke commissioned pieces and art projects. His preferred materials to work in are oil and acrylic paint. The inspiration for his work is varied with influences taken from both east to west popular culture and history. This is reflected in his appeal to both western and eastern clients and galleries.

In Sheffield he has exhibited at Bloc Projects and he was selected for The Artist Journey #3 conference to present his work to an audience of professionals in the art world. It was his experiences at this particular event which inspired him to develop his business as a Fine Artist.

To date, he has exhibited at a number of arts exhibitions across Europe including the Den Hague Museum of Communication. His exhibition at the Welt Museum in Vienna was particularly well received and was featured in a national Austrian daily newspaper as well as other publications.

Manish continues to make a name for himself. Recently, he was included in a list published in the German online art magazine, XPlicit Asia, naming him among 20 of the most contemporary influential Asian artists. Other artists included big names such as Ai wei Wei, Yayoi Kusuma and Takshi Murakami. 

Currently, Manish works in his studio at Yorkshire Art Space here in Sheffield where he is busy developing his work for further exhibitions. His main objective for 21/22 is to hold an exhibition of his work in one of the most prestigious UK and international based art galleries.