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Emma Redfern - The Calming Club

Fashion Management and Communication final year student Emma Redfern used her sandwich year placement in 2019/20 to create her company The Calming Club. She designed a series of self-care products positioned in the gifting market to provide effective self-care products that address a range of mental health conditions such as anxiety.

Mental health is a topic that touches everyone either directly or indirectly, and there is a growing understanding of the issues related to it. Emma believes it is vitally important to help raise awareness of the challenges that many of those experiencing mental health, face.

One of the business’s original products, the Calming Card Set is currently one of its best-selling products. It consists of 12 illustrated anxiety relief technique cards which are designed specifically as a practical, lifestyle or on-the-go solution to help combat daily stresses and anxieties that many women face with busy lives and stressful jobs.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a sharp rise in demand for The Calming Club’s products.  Emma has been successful in building a strong client-based community around her business through her online service, as people search for anxiety related support online. Many of her customers purchased the anxiety relief care packages for friends and family who were in need during the pandemic lockdown.

As she embarks on her final year of study at University, Emma is determined to continue to manage all areas of her business from product development and manufacturing to marketing and designing.

Her brand is developing, and she now works in collaboration with other local and reputable entrepreneur businesses such as: Bullion Chocolate, Tea Pigs and Cetreban, to name but a few.