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Chidimma Chinweze - Handmade African Beads

Handmade African Beads has been founded by MSc Biomedical Science graduate (2019), Chidimma Sunmineshine Chinweze.

Chidimma is proud of her African (Nigerian) heritage and wanted to provide regional African communities with access to the wonderful jewellery accessories that play such an important part in showcasing the African culture at national and religious festivals.

Recognising that there was a gap in the market in providing traditional African bead jewellery, Chidimma decided to set up her own business Handmade African Beads to meet this need. The jewellery products themselves focus on giving the wearer a spark of African flair.

These beautiful and unique designs are created from eco-friendly bead products imported into the UK from Africa.  Chidimma creates spectacular jewellery pieces that showcase and reflect the beauty and historical richness of the African culture whilst instilling a sense of belonging in the person wearing the jewellery piece.

Since setting up her business just over a year ago, Chidimma has established a strong client base among African communities across the North East but particularly in Sheffield and Sunderland.

Chidimma’s next goal is to develop her brand across the whole of the UK by 2022.