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Cameron Lewins - Artemis Crafts

Artemis Crafts is a Derbyshire based manufacturer of unique handmade kitchen knives. Started in 2016, this business has been developed by Cameron Lewins a Sheffield Hallam graduate in Manufacturing Engineering (2020).

The kitchen knives are designed to be both functional and aesthetic pleasing, and they are all made from beautiful repurposed and re-cycled materials.  Each piece is skilfully hand-crafted to produce a unique product designed to last a lifetime before being handed down to the next generation.

The materials he uses to create his pieces are varied; from fossilised mammoth ivory and tropical hardwood to stainless pattern welded steel. These are used alongside more modern materials such as: epoxy resin, stabilised pigment impregnated wood and carbon fibre.

His successful Instagram account @Artemis_Crafts and his website provides a platform for his products.

Cameron’s products are in great demand by both passionate amateur cooks, professional chefs and other celebrities. These include: Chef, Tom Brown; Stu Deeley (2019 MasterChef winner); Italian TV presenter and chef Simone Rugiati; Melissa Backwoods (outdoors professional and social media blogger).

His next project is to work with Craig Evans who is a coastal foraging expert and YouTuber, They want to create a unique professional knife which can perform to high standards equally well in both challenging natural environments and the kitchen whilst still maintaining the visual wow factor.